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Windoze 10? Do you go for broke and install on your current PC?

posted 16 Jul 2015, 00:53 by Andrew at Lycom
I've been asked about installing the Windows 10 free upgrade when it comes out. My feelings are
echoed by this article in The Register:

Generally, in-place upgrades on exiting kit are not justified in terms of the technician time, post-install downtime (e.g. 'where's my X software' queries ?)  and lower performance on  older hardware.

Hopefully, if your IT Management have got their deployment cycles right, they will give you a new PC with a new OS on it on a 2, 3, 4, or 5 year basis.

But for developers and home users, if you fancy installing Windows 10 (and enjoy the painful learning curve) then go for it. Just be prepared to lose some older devices (will it have Windows 10 drivers?) and missing applications (will your licensed apps run on Windows 10 or will they need replacing?).

Personally, if you need your PC to actually do stuff other than on the web, I would wait until the early-adopters have ironed out the real-world issues for you before diving in.