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Windows Server 2012 R2 - Foundation Edition - Worth Buying?

posted 24 Nov 2015, 17:28 by Andrew at Lycom   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 17:33 ]
I have specified a couple of jobs recently for small office Windows server setups.

One thing I came across in my research was "Windows Server 2012 R2 - Foundation Edition" - a curious mutation of Windows Server. But is it worth buying? The differences between the versions are described here:

You'll see the main limitations versus the "Essentials" version more normally installed in SME small office setups relate to CPU / RAM and user limits.

Ideally, I'd look at a Linux solution which would give you a huge range of possibilities. Or maybe a NAS solution for file and print (such as the QNAP range). But Windows is still a requirement for many businesses, particularly if they have some Windows applications that need to run on the server. In that case, maybe Foundation Edition is worth a try for very small office setups.  Especially if you can get it bundled as an OEM add-on at an attractive price - as I did recently when specifying an HP ProLiant MicroServer.

What price expansion though? Shades of the much-loved but long-departed Microsoft Small Business Server which many businesses started off with but then found the in-built limitations impossible to live with once they grew their office setups. I suppose you pays your money and you takes your choices ...