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Where is the Files app in Android Marshmallow?

posted 6 Dec 2015, 05:09 by Andrew at Lycom   [ updated 6 Dec 2015, 05:10 ]
Sometimes I wonder about modern UI design.  OK, so I'm a bit trad when it comes to stuff like that, but I do often find myself googling in order to solve what seems to be an intractable stuck-in-a-loop-of-incomprehension problem. Today, it was trying to send a backup file from my phone's internal memory to Google Drive - I have a couple of third party file manager apps loaded but neither could seem to accomplish this. In vain, I searched for the default Android files app, but where was it?

Googling found this:

and there is was: settings / device / Storage & USB then scroll down and 'explore'. Nice, explorer.exe for Android ... ? Found the file and shared it by Google Drive.