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Snowballs and Cloudberry ...

posted 1 Mar 2016, 16:03 by Andrew at Lycom   [ updated 1 Mar 2016, 16:04 ]
I'm a great fan of Cloudberry Backup. It does just about everything you could want from a backup and data sync solution.

But one of the drawbacks of any cloud-centric backup regime is the_sheer_amount_of_time_it_takes_for_that_first_backup_to_run. My normal technique is to set it off, but with a schedule that throttles the bandwidth usage right back during the day so it doesn't annoy the folks in offices too much - they'd soon notice if their web pages took forever to load.   Even with a fast DSL / fibre link it can take a week or so to complete, thereafter only the changed 'deltas' will be uploaded.

So I was really intrigued to see the Cloudberry team post about using the new Amazon Snowball device to physically shift data (in encrypted form, naturally) to the AWS datacenters.

Amazon Snowball

Looks like the perfect solution to get round that 'first backup' problem.  

You've got to have a LOT of data to backup in order to make it worthwhile though! 50TB anyone?