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Putting a Chromebook into Developer Mode

posted 8 Oct 2015, 15:31 by Andrew at Lycom
A little scary, but if you want to do things like install Crouton chroots or use the shell, you will need to get to grips with "developer mode". Basically entering (and leaving it) involves resetting your chromebook to its default settings, so decide whether you need developer mode and allow time to set up your chromebook again.

To enter/leave developer mode, have a look at: 

Where you'll need to start off with

Esc and Refresh keys and then tap the Power button

(Useful info about developer mode on your device can be found here.) Then

Ctrl + D on each reboot to speed up the boot process, which will warn you that "OS Boot Verification is Off" each time.

Useful info about debugging options in developer mode can be found here:

When in developer mode, one useful option is 

Ctrl + Alt + F2 (the right arrow near to Esc on my Chromebook Pixel)

Which will get you to a root shell.

Ctrl + Alt + F1 (the left arrow next to Esc on my Chromebook Pixel)

Returns you to the desktop.