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Janet starts to close its doors to the public.

posted 16 Dec 2015, 01:32 by Andrew at Lycom   [ updated 16 Dec 2015, 01:33 ]
Saw this story on el reg today:

Unavoidable, I suppose.  The Joint Academic Network was always a thing of rare technical beauty - at the time back in the 90s when I worked in a big University internet access was in its infancy and Janet provided the kind of end to end bandwidth you could only dream of at home. 

But it was essentially open - there were few controls on use (apart from the usual 'acceptable use' agreements) and looking back we were a bit naive about how open that access was - it never really occurred to us to firewall against other departments within the University, we just relied on protection at the gateway with the world outside academia.  Gradually more controls were brought in, web proxies (remember them?) for internet browsing were made mandatory, and so on.

Now it looks like they are completing the final stage of that transition, removing the last bits of external access and restricting information about the network - which was always a goldmine of information for the aspiring network engineer. Ah, well - goodbye open world ...