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Finding List of Bindings on IIS7 with AppCMD

posted 9 Nov 2015, 04:12 by Andrew at Lycom   [ updated 9 Nov 2015, 04:16 ]
As I mentioned before, sometimes the  appcmd method of finding out your IP bindings in IIS7 fails horribly.

Luckily, I was on a smaller IIS7 server recently and it worked:

Run a CMD shell as an administrator

cd %windir%\system32\inetsrv

appcmd list site > c:\docs\sites.txt

which saved loads of time having to grab a copy of the config file.

But, I remember the dim and distant days of the IIS MMC when you used to be able to export lists of things like that - is that what MSFT call progress in the UI experience?