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Another Daft Chrome OS UI Change!

I don't find much time to blog these days, but occasionally something so daft crops up I feel the urge to vent.

I generally like all the Google Chrome OS changes that get rolled out to my Chromebook - it has become my workstation of choice for pretty much everything now.  They have nailed some of the things that really used to irritate me - like, for instance, that you could never format or rename a USB drive when you mounted it in (on?) your Chromebook.

Anyway, the latest update with notifications really began to irritate me - you know the new notifications breakout widget that appears when you click on a notification in the bottom task bar? It seemed like I had to kill them all individually, and losing the will to live I just ended up with them all stacked up there waiting till they expired, or something.  Then, in an idle moment I searched around for a solution:

There it was, all the time - scroll down in the notifications space andnyou will see 'dismiss all' - just like the olden days.  I still think it is really dumb UI design when something like that crops up and utterly stumps me and I have to ... er ... Google it.  Physician heal thyself?