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An Easy Way to Strip Out EXIF / Location From Your Photos

posted 9 May 2016, 02:44 by Andrew at Lycom   [ updated 9 May 2016, 02:45 ]
One of the really useful things about taking photos on a smartphone is that digital file formats can also attach extra information to the image (so-called EXIF) data.  This can be really useful to show where you took the photograph.  But it can also be undesirable, and possibly dangerous if you publish the images online.  For a spectacular example: the legendary (and probably crazy) John McAfee was located (allegedly) in the Jungles of Guatemala after visiting reporters forgot to remove the GPS data from a twitter post.

I've previously used various software to strip out this metadata from some of my photos - a tedious process.  Anyway, there's a simple way to do it now if you use Goooooogle Photos.  

  1. Go to your page

  2. Enable the option that says 'Remove geo-location in items shared by link
    Affects items shared by link but not by other means
Then, when you want to sanitise some photos from your collection you can select them and use the 'share with a link' - people can either use the link directly or you can download them yourself for whatever final destination you have in mind.  You'll find that on these 'new' files most of the extra EXIF data (including GPS) has been removed - the originals remain unaffected.

Handy, eh?